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I love it. And the more I thought about it, the more I love it. It wasn’t perfect but it is the best big screen Superman I’ve seen (and yes, I think it’s better than the Reeve’s versions, which I like but for nostalgic reasons more than anything because Clark Kent being only a disguise is a handling of the Superman character I cannot stand). And Lois Lane who was perfect.
  • Damn, is Henry Cavill one handsome Superman. I mean all the screen Supermen have been really gorgeous but Henry Cavill is probably right on top of the pile. Also, his lips. I could not stop staring at them.
  • Not keen on the characterisation of Jonathan Kent especially the bit where he hints he would have been happy to let the kids in the bus die to protect Clark but that might be my own Jonathan Kent headcanon rearing its head. Also, I don’t like Kevin Costner so that might have been a factor too.
  • The women. So many women in the show! In the military, Jenny (is she Olsen? I was desperately waiting for her to snap a picture), Faora (who was a really great soldier), Lara and I was happy that there were no refrigerated women.
  • Which brings me to Lois Lane. She is awesome. Everything I could have possibly wanted in a Lois Lane. Portrayals of her in the comics have been mixed and a lot of the time, she’s been completely overlooked, fridged or portrayed as a stereotype . But here, she was competent, saved Supes as much as he saved her, vulnerable yet strong, determined and full of empathy. And Jor El taught her and told her to teach Clark how to defeat Zod.
  • I loved how the Colonel looked down on her at first but then developed respect for her, like everyone who worked with her.
  • And she worked out who Clark was, on her own.
  • I love Perry White and I hope there’s more of him in the sequel. I am assuming the way things ended, there’s going to be more Daily Planet in the sequel.
  • The thing about Superman is that unlike a lot of other superheroes, his story isn’t about him saving the world (which of course he does seeing that he’s a superhero) but it’s about him being a symbol of hope, of inspiring humans to be better. Look at Iron Man (which I enjoyed), at the end, it was the superpowered people/robots who saved the day. In Superman, it was Lois, the colonel, Dr Hamilton working together to save earth.
  • Initially, when I watched the action scenes in the second half of the show I was concerned. One of the key aspects of Supes that appeals greatly to me is that overriding concern for the humans and to see the amount of lives potentially lost during the big showdown made me feel quite uncomfortable. Also his killing of Zod (which reminds me of the comic arc in which WW kills Maxwell Lord) but thinking about it, this isn’t a Supes who knows what kind of hero he wants to be, he’s still finding his way and I’m expecting the trauma of having to kill Zod would shape him into the hero who doesn’t kill.
  • I love how neither Clark nor Superman was a disguise, that this Supes is really a combination of the two - both human and alien.
  • It’s definitely a darker, grittier, more ‘realistic’ Superman but the movie managed to do this and avoid all the concerns I had. At the end, despite the destruction and the grey, it was a movie of hope.
  • The movie dragged a little in the middle but the beginning and the end more than made up for it.
  • And while the romance between Lois and Clark wasn’t a focus, the chemistry was great. And the kiss. :D

Basically, as upset and angry I am with DC comics, this movie reminded me how much I love Superman and Lois Lane.

(I notice the Bruce Wayne reference and I didn’t like the Batman series at all so I’m a little meh about potential crossovers.)


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