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2020-01-15 09:56 pm
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Friends Only

I do occasionally write some stuff about my personal life and my work so this journal is friends only. Most of my squeeing over fandoms and few fics are public though. All my fics can now be found at [community profile] theblankpage .

Comment if you want to be friends, especially if you share in my fandom loves. :)

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2013-06-18 11:23 pm

Thoughts on Man of Steel

I love it. And the more I thought about it, the more I love it. It wasn’t perfect but it is the best big screen Superman I’ve seen (and yes, I think it’s better than the Reeve’s versions, which I like but for nostalgic reasons more than anything because Clark Kent being only a disguise is a handling of the Superman character I cannot stand). And Lois Lane who was perfect.
Spoilers obviously )

Basically, as upset and angry I am with DC comics, this movie reminded me how much I love Superman and Lois Lane.

(I notice the Bruce Wayne reference and I didn’t like the Batman series at all so I’m a little meh about potential crossovers.)